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Pennterra and Fantastic Books 
23rd-Apr-2009 06:49 pm
At Vicki's
If you're interested in the progress of Warren Lapine's Fantastic Books reprint line--out-of-print titles reissued in POD editions, as described in more detail in my LJ entry of April 9--I refer you to his own LJ posting from yesterday http://warrenlapine.livejournal.com/21043.html. This list will give you an idea of who else has committed to taking the plunge, and I know there are quite a few more in the pipeline.

My 1987 novel Pennterra is supposed to be released pretty soon. I promise to report on the quality of the product, how the cover turned out, and anything else I think people might like to know, as soon as I get my mitts on a copy.
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