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Philcon in New Jersey 
20th-Nov-2008 11:44 am
At Vicki's
Philcon's new location makes it a lot harder for me to get to, so I'll only be there for one day, Saturday. I told the organizers that when I registered, but a stitch got dropped in the shuffle, to mix metaphors, and they gave me two events on Saturday and THREE on Sunday anyway. And no reading. I just read for the Philadelphia Fantastics at Robin's Bookstore; maybe they felt the potential audience wouldn't justify a slot, but I'm disappointed.

I thought about making my one day Sunday instead of Saturday. But reorganizing my ride got complicated, and I'm moderating one of the panels on Saturday, so will stick to the plan.

Anyway, here's my schedule:

Sat 2:00 PM in Plaza V (Five) (1 hour): GENUISES AND MADMEN (56)

[Panelists: Judith Moffett (mod), Ellen Asher, Tobias Cabral, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Josepha Sherman]

The relationship between creativity and mental imbalance. Can there be a kind of Faustian bargain where greater artistic achievements are reached at the cost of sanity or is this entirely a myth?

Sat 5:00 PM in Plaza V (Five) (1 hour): TOPICALITY IN SCIENCE FICTION (44)

[Panelists: Larry Hodges (mod), James L. Cambias, Ian Randal Strock, Ellen Asher, Judith Moffett]

How effective is science fiction as a tool for writing about current events?

--Good topics, if familiar ones. Looking forward to seeing some of you in Cherry Hill.
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