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The original anthology I've been blogging about--Welcome to the Greenhouse: New Science Fiction on Climate Change--has been released, and has been given a generous review by Sam Tomiano in the new issue of SFREVU. You can read it at http://sfrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=11768

I haven't seen the physical book yet, but my uncertainty about the cover has disappeared, to the degree that the cover itself has disappeared under type and copy. Now I think it looks pretty cool, or rather hot, in fiery reds and yellows. The title has lost it's knee-jerk exclamation point and gained in dignity as a consequence. All in all, a much improved look.

The review makes me eager to read what everybody else has said, and I already wanted to do that; this is a subject I care about a lot. If all the stories Tomiano likes are as good as he thinks they are, it's a pretty good collection, and quite a diverse one.

Remember that the book is available only from the publisher's website, in both print and ebook formats:


No promises, but after I've read this l may review it myself! Privately of course, meaning here, and leaving my own story out.
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