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Erratum Corrected; Climate Change

After spending an embarrassing amount of time yesterday trying to create a link the hard way (it absolutely did not work; even with every quote mark and slash entered correctly, the URL simply disappeared instead of turning into a link), I read the directions all the way to the bottom and found out how to do it the easy way. So yesterday's post is fixed, and here's the link for Welcome to the Greenhouse, the soon-to-be-published anthology of stories about climate change, edited by Gordon Van Gelder: http://www.orbooks.com/our-books/greenhouse.

Why do so many people still think climate change is a hoax? Are you puzzled when the evidence provided by the scientific community is brushed aside by people completely unqualified to question it, but who take on faith the dismissals of other people equally unqualified to to pass judgment on it? Are you mystified as to why they won't consider for one instant the evidence provided by science, even when presented in a user-friendly format, like Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth?

I'm not. I was raised by Christian fundamentalists, Southern Baptist parents from Louisville who joined a Conservative Baptist church when they moved to Cincinnati. My sister is still a fundamentalist and a Baptist, and we have learned not to go anywhere near subjects like evolution, global warming, or why I left the Baptists after my freshman year of college (she thinks it was adolescent rebellion).

So I am able to explain what's going on with people like that, and the explanation is simple: they care about feelings, not facts. They're not one bit interested in evidence, they're interested in how it feels to be a "Christian" (in the special fundamentalist sense of the word). It feels great. It really does; I remember it well. The notion that somebody would give up feeling like that just because of a bunch of facts seems crazy to them.

I remember trying to explain to my mother why I'd had to leave the church. She listened to me talk about Genesis and Darwin with a little smile on her face, then said, "I can't understand why anyone would rather believe they came from apes than that God created them." I can feel my jaw dropping to this day. Rather believe??? That what I would rather believe didn't come into the question just didn't compute for her, and that was true from the day we had this conversation in 1961 till the day she died in 1989. My sister is exactly the same.

Extrapolating from them, and from friends from back then who never left the fold, and the citizens I'm surrounded by here in rural Kentucky, I'm pretty sure that no amount of factual evidence will ever carry any weight with Bible-believing Christians. They'll see Manhattan sloshing in the Atlantic and still declare that burning fossil fuels had nothing to do with it.
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