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Welcome to the Greenhouse, an original anthology of SF stories about climate change, edited by Gordon Van Gelder, is about to be published by OR Books. I'm blogging about it because a story of mine is included and the topic is one I've been writing about for, oh, twenty years, and passionate about for longer than that. EcoSF this blog is called, and you don't get more ecological than climate change.

Besides mine, the antho includes new work by Brian W. Aldiss, Jeff Carlson, Matthew Hughes, Gregory Benford, Michael Alexander, Bruce Sterling, Joseph Green, Pat MacEwen, Alan Dean Foster, David Prill, George Guthridge, Paul Di Filippo, Chris Lawson, Ray Vukcevich and M. J. Locke. Did you pick out the Big Names? The publisher did, and put them on the cover, as you will see. Impossible to sell any anthology, even one edited by GVG, without some Names, and these are good ones.

I haven't read any of the other stories yet, and won't until I have a print copy, but I'm eager to see what science fiction has found to say, at short length, on a subject that preoccupies me all the time. (At novel length Kim Stanley Robinson's has long been the most distinguished voice crying in the wilderness, through book after book and trilogy upon trilogy, about the consequences--practical moral and spiritual--of environmental exploitation. I wish he had a story in this book, but he isn't writing short stories nowadays.)

Here's the website: http://www.orbooks.com/our-books/greenhouse/. Try not to be appalled when you discover an ad for a book about Sarah Palin on the page; evidently it describes not only her origins and rise to power, but also "the nightmarish prospect of her continuing to dominate the nation’s political scene."

OR, in the person of John Oakes, has explained to the contributors that its approach to marketing is different. They don't sell through bricks&mortar bookstores, or even through Amazon or B&N, but through direct sales from their website ONLY. Customers pre-pay; OR doesn't offer discounts or accept returns. Books are promoted and marketed through online ads and videos, through blog announcements like this one, on Facebook pages, and so on. Then later on the plan is to try to give their books a second life, as they put it, by licensing them to a traditional publisher.

It will be interesting to see how well this approach works by contrast with those I'm more familiar with. My impression is that nowadays alternate ways of publishing and selling books are proliferating like mad, and this is just one more creative approach to the problem of how to get copies into the hands of readers for fun and profit.

I'm pleased and proud to be part of an anthology that, instead of going on about vampires or zombies, takes up a serious subject that is infinitely more timely and important than Sarah Palin thinks it is. When I've read the book you will hear from me again.

And while we're waiting--pub date is set for February 21--why not start on Stan Robinson's climate-change trilogy: Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below, Sixty Days and Counting? Nothing could be better prep for the subject, and you won't find a better holiday read this year.
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