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Farewell Fantastic Books

It now seems clear that my recently revived hopes for Fantastic Books were founded on exactly that: fantasy. More precisely, my hopes that my own association with FB would amount to anything have been--not dashed exactly, which sounds too definite--but allowed to wither away.

Citing a brutal workload, Marty Halpern has resigned as an acquiring editor for the series. Emails to others don't get answered. So I can't really say what's happening over there; but I do know that as far as my novel goes the answer seems to be nothing, and I no longer expect the situation to improve, at least not for me.

Once this is posted I'll delete the cover of the FB Pennterra from my roster of LJ userpics, and this will be my final update on the subject of Fantastic Books. (Actually more of a downdate, if you see what I mean.)

I'm not sorry I gave this a shot, or that a corrected and updated e-version of the novel exists now as a result. But, all in all, the experience has been really disheartening.
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