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Penntucky Writer on the Literary Road

I'm a little fuzzy (in-joke, ha ha) about how this came about exactly, and the relevant correspondence is accessible only from a computer in storage 700 miles from here, but it went approximately like this. Marty Halpern learned that his fellow BlogSpot blogger Beth Fish had volunteered to participate in what's being called the Literary Road Trip project, "in which bloggers are volunteering to showcase local authors." (Details at http://www.galleysmith.com/literary-road-trip/)

Beth had chosen Pennsylvania as her region, so Marty suggested me, despite my being an off-again-on-again Pennsylvanian. Beth was fine with that, checked me out, then asked for a guest post. After reading the result she wondered if I had some old pictures; these I scanned as best I could from a crumbling album where they were stuck beyond hope of undamaged removal.

The post went up today, and I think Beth did a really nice job on the layout. All the comments refer to my piece as an "interview," which is pretty strange given that it's not in interview format; but hey, if they like it they can call it whatever they want!

Other full- or part-time Pennsylvania authors are very welcome to suggest themselves to Beth for a featured appearance in the series, or at least to send a courteous query.

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